How I Made $521.36 in 30 Days with Pinterest? (Case Study)

Most of us are already aware of Pinterest’s traffic potential, but converting that traffic to make BIG money is not as easy as it looks.


  • Consistency
  • Product with Good Conversion Rate
  • Patience
  • Pinterest SEO & Basic ON-PAGE Blog SEO

As said before, getting millions of impressions on Pinterest is easy, but the rate of link clicks does not reach even 1% of the impressions. Cutting the BS, let’s get started with How I made $526 in 30 days with Pinterest?

Pinterest Case Study


Before you start up with your landing page and other crafts, make sure you work on a product that has a good conversion rate.

I determine a product’s conversion rate by the number of ads running on the main keyword or product name OR running a paid campaign on the web itself.

If people are running ads for a specific product, then most probably it will work for you too!

TIP: Consider the sex ratio of active users of Pinterest while choosing the product selection. I have attached the graph below stating the gender & age of active users on the platform.

Apart from choosing the product, you need to check out the gravity of the top keywords that you can use to promote your pins.

For instance, if you are promoting a hair growth serum, then you can get traffic via keywords like hair regrowth tips – hacks – remedies, secrets, etc.

Pinterest keywords are super easy to find – just search the seed keyword and get all the other relevant keywords. Besides, it is one of the best sources to get some fresh content ideas for your blog.


After product selection & keyword research, now you need to write content that smartly appeals to the reader to purchase the product. (DO NOT SPAM LINKS EVERYWHERE IN THE CONTENT) Apart from the basic on-page, include 2-3 banners in the article that describe the subject with relevant alt text. Pinterest boosts the pins that are already there in the blogpost, and hence, you should add at least two banners to your content.

Before we redirect our Pinterest audience to our blog, we need to do some basic stuff that will get us more impressions.

  • Create relevant boards with seed keywords and also put on other relevant keywords in the description of the board.
  • Save other pins and follow people who are into your niche and repin their content to your boards too.
  • Pinterest wants you to spend your time on the platform, and hence, I don’t recommend automation. Also, visit sites through pins and spend your time there.
  • Never spam your feed by pinning again and again… Start with one pin and two repins a day.

While creating a pin, put your keywords in the title and description— make sure you have also used them in your article.


  • The time gap between pins determines the reach of your save, and thus, make sure you do not spam all the pins at once.
  • Do not use more than 3-4 hashtags in a pin and be genuine while writing the description.
  • Keyword stuffing works here, but I do not recommend it because you will never get a stable position by stuffing keywords— YOU DO NOT MARRY JUST FOR THE HONEYMOON NIGHT!
  • Following Samad on Instagram will lead to more clicks on your pins
  • Keep changing your landing page/blog post — NOT ALL PAGES YOU THINK ARE MONEY MAKING.

HOW I MADE $521.36 IN 30 DAYS?

“I had nothing to do,” is the answer. Pinterest is no doubt, a fantastic source of referral traffic, but you should have some authority & followers to get started. We got 8.40k engagements & 1082 buying intent clicks t in the month of April. (refer to the image)

data pinterest

For the people who do not know, I am a copywriter, but in the month of April, I stopped working and delegated all the urgent articles. I wrote about 8 different but relevant content that eventually appeals to the user to purchase the product and then created boards & pins relevant to those articles.

How many pins did I do in a day?

In starting, I did not make any pins and only repinned relevant content to my boards. After that, I did 2 pins & 4 repins in a day, and it worked well all month. You can increase the pinning rate once your accounts get old, but if you are new, then the 2:4 ratio is perfect for you.

How to get followers & authority on Pinterest?

Updating quality pins (pins that are not created just to redirect traffic) with useful content gets good hype, and that leads to more followers & authority. I use to post video content as well as use the Pinterest story tab to get more users to my account.

Anything on Pinterest Images?

I used Corel Draw & Canva to create images. Choose high-quality images and avoid using images from Pexels & other free images portal because those images are already there on the platform.

I am not sure if it is right or wrong, but I used to take the pictures from Instagram (which is not legal and may lead to pin down or account down if the user reported.)

Make sure that the banner size is in the ratio of 2:3 and 1000 x 1500 pixels – recommended.

Images that perform well:

  • HQ

Time also plays an important role, and according to my three-month observation, pinning at midnight and early in the morning works better (as per IST). I have not structured the case study properly but I hope it helps.

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