Reality Of Free Backlink Generator Sites (Read Before You Regret)

Yesterday, I found a tweet that shares pretty much everything wrong about backlinks and these free backlink generator tools. Therefore, sharing my bit here to help the ones starting up.

Backlinks are one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to gaining authority & trust and dominating the SERPs in any niche. Whether an agency or an individual, pretty much everyone relies on links at some point. Not denying that it isn’t mandatory to build links to bang the SERPs, but many factors are involved that determine the result.

Free Backlink Generator | Does It Work?

Free backlink generators are web apps that process your website through various sites (stats & response checkers, bookmarking sites, and other similar tools) that eventually create a page with your website’s URL. 

Here is an example to show how this works:

Before I share not-so-nice stuff about free backlinks generator sites, it is important for you to understand the types of backlinks and other relevant things.

More About Backlinks

There are various ways to build backlinks but only two variants or tags to identify which one passes authority and which doesn’t:

  1. Nofollow – a link with rel=nofollow HTML tag that doesn’t pass authority.
  2. Dofollow – a link with rel=dofollow HTML tag that does pass link juice and authority

But this doesn’t mean that nofollow links are useless; if it is a relevant nofollow link, then:

  • Your blog link profile looks more natural
  • Referral traffic if it is placed at the right anchor and correct position
  • Some say that nofollow links from high authority domains help increase the authority metrics.

Unfortunately, the free backlink generator tools mostly generate nofollow links on spammy high outbound links. OBL or outbound links are a site’s number of external links to different web pages. It is a metric that we use to determine the quality & power of a domain —- the lower the OBL, the better the authority.

NOTE: nofollow links with relevancy are better than irrelevant dofollow links on high OBL sites.

What Do These Backlink Generator Sites Get?

SEO is no more are a term that needs an explanation; everyone is aware of it and knows its true potential. 

People starting up look for shortcuts to get better search positions, for instance, the keyword” free backlink generator” has about 3000+ monthly searches, and it’s just one search variant. All these generator sites get thousands of traffic and good CTR as the intent involves action on the page.

free backlink generator search volume

If you own a blog or know someone who is just starting up, share this bit with them and save their time. 

I won’t mind a backlink from your blog to this particular post with the right anchor :p

Should I Use Free Backlink Maker or Generator Sites for My Starter Blog?

I believe there should be little to no link building for a starter blog and a BIG NO for the links built by these online generators unless you are working on your competitor’s site. If you are just starting with blogging, I suggest working on keyword research rather than wasting time on these Ponzi link-building baits. 

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Closure | Advice I Wish I Knew Earlier

It took me 2 years to make something out of SEO, and the only advice I would give to someone starting up is “to build less but better.”

Instead of chasing the referring domains and backlinks, chase authority and relevancy. Make one powerful & relevant link that shatters your competitor’s 100 spammy ones —- I hope you know now whether to use free backlink generator tools or not.gif

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