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Hey, I'm Samad Khan

I Love Seo SMM Copywriting Gigi

About Me

SEO Strategist, Copywriter & Business Guy

Writer turned blogger trying his luck in e-commerce business. Its been more than 4 years of finding keywords, building links, and creating landing pages AND I  AM STILL NOT BORED!

I don’t aggressively accept client projects but I’d love to help anyone looking for the experience I hold. 

Blogs & Case Studies

83% Increase In Monthly Profit (Case Study)

No traffic change – no quick investments, $633 to $1100+. Yes, it happens when you thoroughly analyze your traffic and optimize it to the best

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Free Backlink Generator

Yesterday, I found a tweet that shares pretty much everything wrong about backlinks and these free backlink generator tools. Therefore, sharing my bit here to

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$25000+ from single blog

Back in 2019, I was writing 8-9 hours a day for a client and simultaneously working on my first website/blog that I never thought would

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pinterest case study

Most of us are already aware of Pinterest’s traffic potential, but converting that traffic to make BIG money is not as easy as it looks.

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