How I Achieved an 83% Profit Increase Optimizing Existing Traffic? ($633 to $1158)

No traffic change – no quick investments, $633 to $1100+. Yes, it happens when you thoroughly analyze your traffic and optimize it to the best extent.

Raza is a friend with great expertise in dropshipping & e-commerce business. On a casual call, during a discussion about e-commerce space, I asked him a question that turned out to be the key to this drastic increase in profit. 

My name is Samad, and I build niche sites, scale them in terms of revenue, and sell them for a living. Till the site hits a good $$$ average, I make money from display ads and affiliates. And this is about one of those niche sites.

83% Increase In Monthly Profit (Case Study)

The website I’ll be discussing is about a year old. We publish product reviews and how-to guides on it, and with about 30K monthly traffic, it makes about $500-600/m from Adsense & Amazon Affiliates.

This case study isn’t about SEO or improving rankings but about capitalizing on existing traffic. 

We’ve all noticed Amazon products priced at $40-50 with over 10,000 orders, being sold on platforms like Temu and AliExpress for as little as $2 or $10. The screenshot below provides an example comparing Aliexpress and Amazon listings. With some effort and by connecting with the right supplier, the product priced at $6 could be available for only $2-3.

comparison price

Things took a turn when I discovered some products I was promoting on my blog through Amazon were sold for $30 to $50 but were available on AliExpress for just $1.59 (excluding shipping).

The Core

Later this event, in early August, I asked Raza if it would be a good idea to create a dedicated store and sell directly. With his positive response, I registered a .store extension domain with the product name within. 

All thanks to Raza, who assisted me with the design and setup. Later, I swapped the amazon links with ones directing to our Shopify store <3 and integrated PayPal as the payment option.

The very next day, on the 12th of August, I received 2 orders totaling $40.

2 orders


I had no supplier to fulfill these orders, and AliExpress, with its 20-25-day estimated delivery time, wasn’t a viable option. 

Surround yourself with helpful people, and remember that kindness tends to circle back!

Although Raza had suppliers, they came with minimum quantity conditions. Sameer, another friend, suggested contacting suppliers on Alibaba, so I did.

After exchanging hundreds of messages, I eventually found a supplier who was willing to provide without any minimum order conditions but charged a bit extra for anything less than 5. 

The supplier provided a quote for the specific product, which amounted to $1. Shipping costs varied per country, with a maximum of $6. And in case a customer adds 2 or 3 quantities, the shipping costs remain the same, causing the average to skyrocket.

Quotation received from the supplier (product name hidden)


With PayPal, we encountered abandoned orders, meaning people reached the checkout page but didn’t complete the payment. So, we integrated Shopify payments, and voilà! Things improved, and we experienced little to no abandoned orders.

From the 12th to the 31st of August, in just 19 days, we generated over $473 in revenue, with 70% of that being pure profit. 

august earnings

In August, we generated approximately $1,013 in profit, which includes AdSense, Amazon, and Our Store, reflecting a 59.87% increase. But comparing August (which was just 19 days for our store) to July earnings wouldn’t be entirely fair, right? 

With no complaints and over 20 successful deliveries, we entered September. Everything is pretty much the same; the supplier fulfills the order as she has staff access, so my job is just to pay her as per the invoice and optimize existing articles.

Out of 30K traffic, 1K+ is from Pinterest. So, I recommend reading this case study about how I made $500+ in a month from Pinterest; I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

Coming back to our story, I was overwhelmed by the increase in revenue. So, I started looking for more opportunities that led to the creation of our second store.

The second store setup was quite easy; I downloaded the theme and data from the old store, uploaded it to the new store, and replaced images, content, and other necessary details. 

Swapping links affected Amazon earnings, but there was no effect on Adsense Earnings, as I didn’t stop or reduce ads. If you wish to experiment, you can choose to exclude ads from certain pages and see if it leads to an increase in event clicks or conversions. 

The freedom to experiment with new things on your site is what I love the most about our business. If things don’t go well, you can always revert back.

It’s September 26th as I write this. With only organic dropshipping, we’ve generated over $1000 in revenue to date, resulting in about $630 in profit. This surpasses the total profit for the entire month of July. I’ve attached a snapshot to help you understand this better.

profit by month
profit by month


As for total profit is $1158 to date, reflecting an impressive 83% increase in monthly profit just by optimizing existing posts.

Store 1


store 2
Store 2


This is what niche site buyers do; they acquire sites and optimize revenue by incorporating better affiliates or by partnering with third-party networks like Mediavine and flipping the website at a better price. Last year, I shared my #1 method of finding low-competition niches & keywords in an e-book —- get it here.

I hope this brief case study adds some value. If you have any questions, the comment section is all yours. 

6 thoughts on “How I Achieved an 83% Profit Increase Optimizing Existing Traffic? ($633 to $1158)”

  1. Great read

    However, I didn’t fully grasp the building a store part.

    I mean, you said you purchased a domain, setup a store. Then, you talked about shopify.

    Does your site Adsense work on shopify too?

    Mind sharing any resource on dropshipping?

    • Hey!

      I’m glad you find this helpful.

      I’ve set up dedicated stores that are separate from my blog. My blog generates revenue through Adsense and other affiliate programs — AdSense isn’t integrated with Shopify.

      The challenge with dropshipping is optimizing ads, finding the right “winning” product, and improving profit margins. For me, it was as simple as creating a landing page, since I didn’t have to handle all of that

      If you are doing it all organic, a few Youtube videos of setting up stores and other information is more than enough.


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